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We help organizations accelerate the journey from functional super-heroes to a shared leadership team that collectively owns the vision of the organization and inspires excellence in execution.

The Alignment Challenge has been severely exacerbated in the global, agile, decentralized, project- based, team based contemporary organization. The lack of unity and alignment in team efforts is often blamed on the usual suspects like Functional Silos, Competitiveness, Unhealthy Rivalry, Power Games and other conspiracy theories. These are merely symptoms! You may have observed that even the most well intentioned teams struggle to harness the power of their collective wisdom.

We found the root cause and answers in brain structures. No two human brains are alike and they are constantly reshaped by our experiences, environment and thoughts. Brains continuously re-generate, form new circuits and prune unused synapses. Professionals in different organizational functions have neuro-physiological differences that prevent them from seeing the world the same way!

QuadraBrain layer Sustainable Alignment Protocol

QuadraBrain helps you deploy scientifically anchored solutions based on research from neuroscience, neurophysiology, applied business psychology and human behavior.

We generate lasting cohesion for effective, innovative and aligned top teams by digging deep and impacting each layer of sustainable alignment.

We build the psychological infrastructure to promulgate:

  • Deeper understanding and alignment of purpose, thoughts and actions
  • Feeling of trust, empathy and confidence in top-team players
  • Co-dependence and joint ownership of goals
  • Adaptive communication that kills confusion
  • Inter-personal faith that enhances risk-taking capabilities, augmenting creativity, efficiency, initiatives, commitments and accountability

Decoding the QB Top Team Alignment Process

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and design interventions to ensure measurable results & RoI. At the same time the process is strengthened by existing structures, methods, research and proprietary tools honed over a decade plus of change management and leadership alignment experience.