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We Make Complex Change Simple

We train, coach and certify leaders to successfully work with, lead and implement change.We equip organizations and leaders to:

  • Create lasting change with a focus on benefits realization.
  • Influence the collective mindset and maximize alignment during change
  • Minimize negative impact and the inevitable loss in productivity during transitions
  • Accurately identify and successfully overcome various types of resistance to change.
  • Successfully align “stuck” individuals
  • Create sustainable behavior shifts using the NABS model

Underestimating the impact of the human factor is the commonly cited reason for the high failure rates of up to 70%! Effective Change Leadership is a complex skill which can be a strategic advantage for organizations today!

Why this is crucial for your success

  • The amount of change expected by organizations has increased almost tenfold in the last two decades.
  • Change success rates have remained at 30-35% since early research in 1995 to more recent change success studies.
  • The 65-70% failure rates cost organizations billions every year.
  • The total cost of change failures is increasing exponentially every year as change happens faster, more often and is more ambiguous and complex!
  • How we Create Change Success

    Traditional change models are not enough when faced with inherent neuropsychological biases and resistance. Our interventions are guided by our knowledge of how the brain perceives and processes change and the likely responses and behaviours triggered. Our Brains have a natural aversion to change which is severely exacerbated by inherent neuropsychological biases as well as some structural brain systems such as:

    • The habit system
    • The associative cognitive system
    • The disconnect between implicit and explicit memory

    The blueprint for change success is rooted in the neuroscience of threat, reward and emotional contagion. We draw from cutting edge research in the areas of Organizational Psychology, Behavioural Neuropsychology, Leadership and Organization Change to understand how the brain works during change and design strategies to move people forward.

    What would you like to start with?

    The Neuroscience @Work Program (1 day)

    Get an accurate understanding of popular neuro-myths and learn Neuro-scientific strategies to Leadership Effectiveness.

    The Neuro-Accelerated Change Management program (2 days)

    Accelerate the effectiveness of your Change projects with an understanding of how the brain works during change. Learn strategies and methods to drive commitment and create willingness to work in the changed context.

    The Neuro-Accelerated Change Leadership Program (7 Days)

    A six- month extended Change Leadership immersion program (7 days of group sessions delivered over six months + individual personal mastery and change deployment sessions) for top management

    These program is delivered by experts with on ground experience of leading and driving complex change. The co-founder of QuadraBrain has held the position of Change Management expert & lead in a Fortune 50 organization and has over 15 Years of experience driving end-to-end transformation projects across industries and organization sizes. This experience combined with a certification in business psychology and access to cutting-edge research on transformation and leadership ensures you get access to techniques that are beyond popular Change Management models.