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Embed a Coaching Culture

The research is clear… coaching improves performance, collaboration and output. Developing a coaching culture is a game changer that shifts the way people work together. Companies with strong coaching cultures have:

  • Much higher employee engagement
  • Greater revenue growth
  • Radical improvement of results.

Your organization might already have started this journey or might be contemplating an endeavour in this area. Some questions that keep coming up are:

We offer you answers to these questions through our process which will help the organization embed a coaching culture as well as achieve significant and tangible benefits.

Our process is designed to leverage and enable internal resources and strengths in a manner that creates internal capability. This ensures long-term sustainability while creating significant cost viability.

An effective coaching culture has been found to impact outcomes in an organization by strengthening*:

  • Relationships of interpersonal trust, self disclosure, and openness
  • Focus on self-awareness and personal development (preparedness to assess/accept strengths and weaknesses)
  • Preparedness to have courageous conversations
  • Willingness to give clear and constructive feedback