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Time for the annual strategy session? Planning an offsite, seminar, conference, sales meet? DO NOT CONTACT US if you need a ‘motivational’ speaker, someone to deliver an entertaining high, create a quick buzz of feel-good energy. We get people thinking and leave behind useful ideas delivered by a subject matter expert in an engaging session that adds value to Your Objectives.


An overview of why neuroscience is, and will increasingly be, important in the workplace. Participants will receive – An accurate understanding of popular ‘neuro-myths’ and the reality; Key neuroscience concepts related to leadership effectiveness; Some easy techniques to put these ideas to work

Neuro Accelerated Change

An understanding of how the brain works during change and why neuro-science based techniques are the answer to closing the huge gap between change requirements and success rates. An overview of some strategies to drive behavior shifts to succeed with complex change.

Affirmative Ideation

The next big idea that is set to change the way organizations think about ideation and ingenuity. Affirmative Ideation is an ideation and innovation technique designed to help explore, shape and embrace new ideas at a sub-conscious as well as conscious level