– Facilitating learning is a passion for us and our programs are designed to embed learning and stimulate     behavioural change and application. Our programs are based on the principles of adult learning and follow the experiential approach. The programs endeavour to leave participants informed, energized and ready to go!!

– Our workshops are facilitated by subject-matter experts with real experience in the relevant areas as compared to individuals with expertise only in training or presentation skills. Our facilitators bring together expertise in training along with experience in leadership, management, consulting and functional roles. We only facilitate workshops in areas where we actually possess expertise and experience!!

– We seriously do not believe in the one-size-fits-all approach. While benchmarked and validated concepts are an essential part of our world class content, we will aim to understand your objectives and design the program in a manner that will be most effective to achieve your desired outcomes keeping in mind the demographics of the audience in your organization!!

Read on to know more about our Signature Solutions as well as other popular programs

The Breakthrough Thinking workshop uses our QuadraBrain® whole-brain thinking model to activate all centers of your brain and helps you break through your sub-conscious programming to create innovative solutions and ideas. It brings together these whole brain activation concepts with usable techniques that can help in everyday work and life.

Why the ‘Breakthrough Thinking’ Programme?

The primary source of competitive advantage, both for organizations and individuals, is the ability to think creatively and generate truly breakthrough ideas. Equally the lifestyles of the typical individual today are designed to interfere with the creative thinking process. We introduce the only programme:

 That familiarizes you with concepts that will help you use the power of whole brain thinking

 That brings together the essence of many famous and popular idea generation and creative thinking technique

 That provides you tips for changes in your life that can help you fight the enemies of creativity and groom your brain to break out of its patterns

Are you willing to challenge your boundaries?

Added Bonus!! – We can tailor this program to help you with your needs!! For captive programs in organizations, we offer the option of spending time with you before the workshop to identify your business’ creative needs or top challenges that you need to apply breakthrough thinking to. We can then design exercises to directly apply the breakthrough thinking techniques of this training program to your needs and challenges!!

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Over 75% of people leave their jobs because of the way they are led and studies have found top reasons for disengaged employees to be poor communication, lack of consistency in people management practices and lack of clarity in expectations and goals. Our Management Development Programme brings you best in class executive education delivered in an interactive manner with a focus on on-thejob results.

Why the ‘Next level Managers’ Programme?

 Our programs bring together the strengths of a customized approach with superior content by designing programs that focus on the competencies that are essential for your business. This helps ensure the programs are relevant to your business and do not simply push standardized content.

 Our programs involve a series of integrated activities designed to ensure internalization & application of learning.  Our programs also allow you to choose from an interesting mix of delivery platforms including facilitator led workshops; combination of experiential labs and simulation with self-learning content as well as on-the-job projects to promote action learning

 Our programs are designed to involve the reporting managers of participants which ensures support and application opportunities and also allows for assessment of improvement in demonstrated competencies post the programme

Some topics that are covered as part of the Next Level Managers program include Role of the Manager, Influence & Leadership, Employee Development, Powerful Decision Making, Problem Solving, Handling Stress etc.

Our Management Development Programme is ideal to create a pool of talent with leadership and people management capabilities and consistent practices that will lead to a more engaged workforce.

Managing change effectively is one of the primary challenges for organizations today and we see large number of organizations and leaders use compliance as an approach to drive change. Our Transformation Management program endeavours to equip participants with the ability to put mechanisms in place that will help to embed change in the organization by trying to make the people able and willing to work in the changed context. In short, driving the organization’s change objectives by creating commitment not relying on compliance.

Why the ‘Transformation Management’ Programme?

Our program focuses on both the intellectual and emotional aspects of change management. It includes both techniques to understand and manage resistance (latent and expressed) as well as models and tools for impact assessment and managing the transformation.

Our programs are facilitated by experts who have managed large end-to-end transformation projects across industries and organization-sizes. These are people who bring together the experience of on-ground realities of change with advanced concepts of transformation consulting to provide ideas that you can use.

We also provide customized change sensitization and change management workshops to complement change initiatives being undertaken by organizations.

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Our ‘Cutting Edge Leaders’ training program has been developed based on a comprehensive Leadership Excellence Model with the objective to enhance, create and facilitate development of Cutting Edge Leadership Capabilities that impact business results

Why the ‘Cutting Edge Leaders’ programme?

 The program follows a more comprehensive approach to leadership as compared to some other leadership programs which focus on a single aspect of leadership (most popularly the visionary or people management aspect). We understand that leadership needs a more wholesome approach and our Leadership Excellence Model includes also the non-glamorous aspects of leadership to create truly world-class leaders.

The Cutting Edge Leaders program includes a pre-profiling and assessment for all participants using our proprietary certified tools to increase self-awareness of development areas. This has been observed to create a significant positive impact on leaders’ motivation to learn and participation in the learning process.

 – Our programs measure effectiveness at the behavioural change level to ensure Return on Investment (ROI). You have the option of including pre and post behavioural assessment to identify actual change and application for participants in the program.

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– Team-Building – Teams don’t really happen naturally and you can’t force teamwork.  This program is designed to help teams come together in a beautiful symphony to help deliver outstanding outcomes.

Increasing Personal Effectiveness – School the self to extract the talent that resides within you. The workshop offers tips that will help you to most efficiently put your personal resources at work and remove the barriers that may be holding you back from reaping the fruits of your complete potential.

Presenting for Impact – Presentations are an extension of our day-to-day communication function and the way our message is received and understood is a direct function of the quality and manner of our delivery. This workshop will start with understanding and practicing the art of communication and then will strive to give you the tools, techniques and confidence to present for maximum impact.

– Handling Difficult Customers – Dealing with difficult people is, perhaps, one of the biggest challenges of our lives. When you are able to manage these situations, or more appropriately manage yourself and your responses in these situations, you can make life less stressful and also begin to build new possibilities.

– Business Goal setting – Live closed-room creative brainstorming sessions to define Strategic Business Goals using techniques such as battle space planning, scenario envisioning etc.

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