A living thing is distinguished from a dead thing by the multiplicity of the changes at any moment taking place in it.

-Herbert Spencer, Principles of Biology, (1865)

Organizations are living, breathing entities that need to handle change to survive, succeed and grow. As John Kotter (regarded as an authority on leadership and change) said “The rate of change is not going to slow down anytime soon.”  Change for an organization could mean anything –  mergers and acquisitions, change in the leadership team, the business model, change in business processes, a new product line, any diversification, automation, moving to a new location or even a large technology implementation such as an ERP.

Did you know that 85% of failed interventions have cited “Lack of attention to people factors” as one of the leading causes of their failure! Most initiatives in organizations fail not because it was a bad idea but because it was badly executed! People take longer to change than procedures and processes!

What is Change Management & How can it help you?

Change Management is not a goal in itself. It helps the organization and the people to move from the old situation to the new situation. Change Management focuses on putting mechanisms in place that will help to embed the change in the organization, by trying to make the people able and willing to work in the changed context.

A typical change goes through the following stages:

How would you like to drive your initiatives – through forced Compliance or Commitment?

Why QuadraBrain® Transformation Solutions?

We bring to you multiple years of experience in handling large scale transformation for organizations as well as supporting organizations to build capabilities to assimilate change in their work culture.  Our end-to-end change management solutions include:

  • Change Readiness Assessment
  • Helping create Shared Need for Change
  • Defining Change Strategy and Action Plan
  • Managing Change related Communication
  • Change Sensitization Workshops
  • Organization Impact Assessment & Planning
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Simulations that help Envision Change Scenarios
  • Organization Re-design or Re-alignment of roles (as per change requirements)
  • Post Change Effectiveness Assessments
  • Change Management Training
  • Coaching and Counselling by certified experts to deal with the transition

Our team includes change management experts who have handled large scale change across industries and organization sizes. Members of our team have helped organizations manage change as external experts as well as in leadership roles within organizations.

HR has historically been seen as a cost-centre whose focus is on administration of personnel processes, compliance and being a service provider. Today, HR is called upon to be a partner to the business, be a value-creator and provide cutting edge leadership skills to the organization. The demands of the increasingly skilled workforce call on HR to provide more choice, individualized attention, higher responsiveness and deeper understanding of the business.

What does this mean for the HR function?

 – HR Strategy has to derive from business strategy

 – The HR function has to deliver optimum service at fast pace

 – HR processes have to be re-engineered to be more responsive and create added value to the organization

 – The competencies required from HR professionals are changing

 – HR management requires metrics, performance measurement and customer focus.

The HR Leadership Challenge today is to excel at two distinct roles to create competitive advantage for the organization through a highly engaged workforce.

How can we help HR become more agile, faster, better and more cost-effective?

Our solutions include:

HR Transformation: Design and implementation of end-to-end HR Service Delivery Models engineered to most effectively serve your business

HR Maturity Profiling to identify current and target maturity levels across HR processes and activities. Our detailed descriptors not only help identify the current status of HR activities but also provide benchmarks for each process to strive towards

– HR Health-check & Roadmap: Our HR Health-check solution includes but is not limited to maturity profiling. It also uses proprietary tools to answer key questions such as - Where is HR adding the best value? How well HR strategies and services align to business strategies and revenue generation?  How well is HR performing across process, delivery and technology? What are the key strategic programs required, to fulfil the HR strategy in the next 2-3 years? What would be some key measurement parameters to determine the successful completion of these programs?

– Driving Employee Engagement: Design and implementation support for an effective Employee Engagement Plan based on the key focus and improvement areas for your business including assessments of engagement levels pre and post intervention. Identifying and adapting best practices to help you create a highly engaged workplace.

What is Culture?

The way we do things around here!!

Culture is the combination of the values and beliefs that provide direction and energy to what people do each day. Culture translates into behavior and drives employee work habits. It shapes the way employees think, feel, react to, and execute their work and make decisions. This has a direct impact on business performance.

Opportunities for Culture Building

As a Driver of Strategy – Aligning culture and values to business strategy is the primary driver of success for a number of flourishing businesses. It ensures the behaviours, work habits and decision making is aligned to drive the vision and strategic intent.

As an Enabler of Specific Interventions/Changes – Benefits realization from any change or special intervention can only occur after internalization of the new ways of working. Culture building is the necessary enabler that is vital to embed the new behaviours.

As Mitigation of Risk – We are often faced with situations where lack of consistency in exhibited values, behaviours and communication from an organization affects positioning and customer perceptions. No organization would like to send mixed messages about its commitment and style of working! Culture alignment can be essential to drive congruence.

Why QuadraBrain® Transformation Solutions?

Our team includes experts with over 10 years of experience in driving Culture Building initiatives both as part of internal HR teams and in the role of external facilitators aiding organizations in the following ways:

– Reinforcing pride in the company brand and values by building a common culture and work habits that strengthen the values.

– Helping young organizations taking their first steps towards building an effective culture.

– Helping organizations with a scattered workforce; or project driven organizations assimilate, identify the culture pillars and drive common understanding and work-practices across locations.

– Culture building interventions as enablers to drive success of large scale change projects in organizations.

– Culture building to bolster the success of strategic business models.

Our team brings a blend of experience in line management roles and in consulting roles as part of Fortune 50 organizations. This ensures holistic solutions that will receive acceptance from the people that shape your organization. Our solutions are built keeping in mind the reality of business scenarios and not from a theoretical perspective.


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