What is Coaching?

In a word, it is helping. It is helping people take responsibility for their work and life; helping them discover their genius abilities, helping them find their own solutions and, most of all, helping them shape the life and outcomes they desire.
And that’s what we do; we help individuals and, therefore, organizations unlock their potential through our transformational coaching solutions:

  • Executive/ Leadership Coaching
  • Customized Coaching solutions for Small Businesses
  • Transition Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Life/ Personal Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • Leaders & Managers as Coaches

Our team brings together the strengths of multiple schools of coaching including the power coaching, ontological coaching and transformational coaching approaches. We hold credentials from the International Coaching Federation, American Institute of Business Psychology amongst others and our team has received Coach training from multiple providers including University of Cambridge, Marshall Goldsmith, CLI etc.

How has Coaching enriched the lives of Individuals?
People who have used our coaching services feel coaching helped them with:

  • Increasing self-confidence and self awareness
  • Redesigning their lives to become more self-reliant and take greater responsibility towards their goals and commitments
  • Increased productivity and personal effectiveness
  • Significantly better decision making due to a deeper understanding of their own world view and biases
  • Awareness of their own skills, talents and potential
  • Understanding their blind spots and reaching the root cause of their problems
  • Resolution of specific issues, dilemma for which coaching support was sought

A coach provides with a safe and confidential place to offload and to get fresh perspectives and unbiased support.

How have organizations benefited?
Organizations which invested in employee coaching identified the following benefits in response to a survey:

  • Boost in employee involvement, motivation and productivity.
  • Improved interpersonal relations and teamwork
  • Performance improvement and self-development of employees and leaders
  • Strengthening of employees’ skills
  • Increased retention
  • Improved Financial Performance

Executive Coaching is increasingly being noticed as a highly customized and effective way to develop the potential for leaders and managers. Our coaches bring together the strengths of deep experience in leadership roles and advanced training and credentials in Executive Coaching to facilitate:

  • Raising the self-awareness of business leaders, therefore enhancing the EQ
  • Helping re-instate a sense of purpose and  re-connect with values
  • Helping executives achieve lasting positive and measurable change in behaviour
  • Providing a safe environment and sounding board to discuss organizational dynamics, personal challenges & fears, dysfunctional behaviours

Leading to exciting breakthroughs in personal effectiveness and business performance, therefore, helping leaders and organizations develop the edge that is so essential for business and personal success.

Customized Coaching Solutions for Small Businesses targets executives employed in small businesses, entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses. We understand the needs and environment of small businesses are different and need a specialized set of skills to achieve excellence. The standard leadership models and management techniques may not be right for your business and we have the deep understanding of a small business environment along with the tools to help you and your leaders make that leap to success. Some of the ways we have helped our small business clients are by:

  • Facilitating essential self- awareness and improvement orientation for the Founder & CEO/ CMD/ Promoter
  • Helping executives and leaders employed in small businesses to develop the unique strengths and leadership behaviours required to excel.

 Transition Coaching – While the human ability to assimilate change is limited, our lives are surrounded by changes at work and home that may overwhelm us. Our coaches bring with them experience of change both at the organizational and personal level. Our Transition Coaching solutions help individuals and organizations increase resilience to effectively manage transitions and the resulting loss in business and personal productivity by:

  • Helping leaders reflect on their own needs and patterns of behaviour within the change and contemplate how they can be effective as well as maintain and promote the desired behaviours in their teams.
  • Challenging and supporting executives within a confidential and safe environment to allow them to bring forward their best thinking and anticipate and deal with the impact of change
  • Helping individuals deal with change in their personal lives and careers by increasing their awareness of underlying responses and reactions to change, helping them examine the existing situation, achieve clarity and generate options, goals and action plans to reach the desired new state.

Team Coaching helps a group become a team by revealing the latent dynamics and gaps in team functioning and helping build trust and openness. Team Coaching can be used for leadership teams, start-up teams, (cross) functional teams, project teams or any group that desires to move beyond their current abilities and self-imposed limits. We help teams reduce conflict and develop co-ordination and collaboration abilities to produce superior results by:

  • Focussing on member relationships, interpersonal dynamics and raising awareness of how each individual impacts the team
  • Facilitating the identification of common group behaviours, gaps in thinking and perception using powerful coaching questions and team assessment tools
  • Improving communication, rapport, shared understanding, and empathy

Creating high-performing, sustainable teams is the game-changer for organizations today. Our coaches bring understanding and experience of creating, evolving, managing and motivating teams along with our team coaching tools to help you take that step towards team excellence.

Life/ Personal Coaching facilitates the achievement of personal goals and helps overcome personal challenges.  Our life coaches help you achieve deep, meaningful, positive personal changes in your life by:

  • Raising self-awareness and self-esteem
  • Facilitating identification of sub-conscious beliefs and patterns
  • Helping you crystallize your goals, strengthen your talents and create the action plans you need to move forward.
  • Helping you overcome obstacles, release judgements and fears

 If you want to make your life better, we can help you bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be!!  Create the life you want to live!

Career Coaching – Starting your career? In career transition? A big career decision on your mind? Struggling with the decision of whether to stay in a corporate job or choose another option? Our Coaches will help you create and implement strategies to achieve your career goals by helping you deal with:

  • The changing expectations of employers
  • Trends and dynamics in the workplace
  • Values and issues of loyalty & security
  • Specific goals for your company, your future, and your career satisfaction
  • Determining your readiness to strike out on your own or look for another career

Our specialized tools and resources are designed to help you master your career and our coaches bring with them a collective resource of successful experiences in technology, sales, consulting, management, human resources, manufacturing, construction, armed forces and leadership to name a few!

Leaders & Managers as Coaches – In today’s complex and rapidly changing work place, leading has increasingly become synonymous with inspiring, motivating and developing.  Leaders and Managers need coaching competencies to receive the best outputs from their teams.

What does our ‘Leaders & Managers as Coaches’ Program help leaders do differently?

  • Ask powerful questions to help employees find their own solutions Vs telling them what to do
  • Use a power base that is centred, inspiring & collaborative Vs a positional, authoritative power base
  • Tune in to a direct report’s agenda and recognize his or her motives. Align the direct report’s development needs with the organization’s needs VS focussing only on organizational needs.
  • Hold direct reports accountable for agreed-on action and foster independence & accountability Vs breathing down necks to get the job done
  • Conduct effective development conversations and provide feedback.

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