About us

The Vision of Team QuadraBrain® is to see each organization and every individual function at full potential with complete awareness of the greatness within.

Our coaching, training and consulting solutions are designed based on two primary pillars:

- Awareness as a catalyst for learning and change.

- QuadraBrain® whole brain thinking which helps you unlock the potential of your complete mind and discover creative solutions.

Our workshops are designed to stimulate all centres of your brain to ensure your learning experience is enhanced as you access all thinking styles. Our coaching solutions help you access not only all strengths of your conscious mind but create a deeper awareness to help you recognize your unconscious beliefs and patterns and work with them to co-create lasting positive change.

Our consulting solutions are fortified by our training and coaching expertise which, combined with our insights into the human mind, behaviour and organizational psychology, help us embed desired transformation in organizations.

QuadraBrain® whole brain thinking concepts have helped us bring together exercises to help you access multiple thinking styles for creative solutions along with techniques to tap into the unlimited power of your unconscious mind. Generate truly whole brain thinking within which lies the genesis of creativity and intelligence! (Supporting studies and research provided in subsequent sections below)

QuadraBrain® whole brain thinking is based on a comprehensive blend of hypothesis assessed by leading experts worldwide combined with concepts of behavioural and cognitive psychology. Research had clearly shown that every individual and every mind is unique. In a constantly adapting and evolving brain, there are new neural networks being created every minute as the mind captures, interprets, remembers, filters and reacts to the stimuli around us.

We work with demonstrated behaviour that can be observed, measured, interpreted and used as an indicator of thinking styles and unconscious patterns, a predictor of future responses and for understanding existing filters. Our focus is to help raise your awareness about your unique brain and its strengths and help you exercise all regions of your brain so you can boost the whole brain.

QuadraBrain® Transformation Solutions has been co-founded by Shweta Handa-Gupta, the World’s 1st MCC Credentialed Mind-Kinetics Coach and Award-winning CEO Coach [CEO Coach of the year (2017, Entrepreneur Magazine, Franchise India); Most Talented Coaching Leaders India (2017, WCC); Global 100 Best Coaches (2017, WCC)]

Shweta works at the CxO and board level as a Transformation Expert; Executive Coach; Leadership and Change Facilitator. As a coach and facilitator Shweta has been instrumental in helping leading organizations such as Ernst & Young, Sanofi Pasteur, Dentsu Aegis Network, CK Birla Group etc. prepare high potential executives for senior leadership and director levels. As an advisor/member of the board for SMEs and start-ups, she helps create transformative success with observable financial results.

Her understanding of the human mind and the psychology of transformation and leadership has taken her work beyond popular models and interventions available today. An active keynote speaker and author of columns for leading business dailies such as The Financial Express, HT Mint etc. Shweta’s mission is to help organizations and individuals unlock their potential and create powerful growth.

Shweta brings together a unique combination of: - Corporate success including a senior role in a Fortune50 organization; as the CEO of a small business group; an active board member for diverse organizations - Applied expertise in Business Psychology and Organization Transformation - Deep research into the human mind, memory, neuroscience and psychology of transformation & leadership

Her initial research and brain mastery efforts were inspired by a severely traumatic head-injury, series of brain surgeries and memory loss more than a decade ago. This research and experimentation along with her own remarkable success journey laid the foundation for powerful brain based solutions that are validated both scientifically as well as in practice.

Shweta is also the co-inventor of tools, techniques and instruments such as: - PACE Profiling®, a validated DISC behavioural assessment tool. - Affirmative IdeationTM a structured thinking technique designed to help explore, shape and embrace new ideas at a sub-conscious as well as conscious level. - Structured thinking, reflection and self-coaching techniques to identify sub-conscious patterns and bias.

Key Statistics:
  • Provided over 2000 hours of coaching
  • Facilitated more than 300 workshops
  • Handled over 25 large transformation management projects for leading organizations
Certifications: Global accreditation from multiple organizations including:
  • International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • American Institute of Business Psychology (AIOBP)
  • Coaching & Leadership International (CLI)
  • University of Cambridge, UK
  • MDI, Gurgaon
  • Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi

Shweta has worked across industries such as Logistics, Power infrastructure, Construction, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, Information Technology, Management Consulting, Pharmaceutical, Printing, Real Estate, Travel & Transport, Processed Foods, Aviation, Advisory, Petrochemical, Services, KPO etc.

Some organizations where she has provided training, coaching or consulting services include:

  • Dentsu Aegis Network
  • Ernst & Young
  • Delhi International Airport (Pvt.) Ltd.
  • Hindustan Construction Company
  • ThyssenKrupp Industries India (Pvt.) Ltd.
  • Synthite Industries
  • CtrlS Datacenters
  • IBM
  • Radha Krishna Foodland Pvt. Ltd.
  • Bayer
  • Bilcare
  • Bluestar
  • Lodha Constructions
  • Sanofi Pasteur
  • Ester Industries
  • Genpact
  • Sapient
  • Hiranandani Developers Pvt. Ltd.
  • Watson Pharma
  • L’Oreal
  • Geometric Software
  • DS Constructions
  • Spicejet
  • Pepsico
  • Load Controls India Private Limited
  • MRF

QuadraBrain® Transformation Solutions has partnered with the best in league around the world to provide it's clients a seamlessly superlative experience across geographies. Some of our eminent partners include:

Keith Nelson has more than 15 years of experience as an executive coach and believes in an eclectic approach to coaching, with inputs from psychology, management, leadership and sport. Formerly director of coaching & development in a FTSE top 100 company, Keith is course director at Cambridge University for qualifications in coaching as well as being managing director of Your Total Coach which provides organisational development services, coaching and coaching training. Keith trains coaches upto ‘masters’ levels. A published author (the first edition of his book Your Total Coach: 50 Ideas for Inspiring Personal and Professional Growth was published in 2010) Keith is a regular speaker at conferences and seminars on management development, coaching and related topics.  He has extensive experience of working with organisations seeking to establish coaching cultures. This includes training key personnel as internal coaches. Keith’s experience extends across media, construction, housing, engineering, education, local government, logistics, law, accountancy, health, retail, manufacturing and food with organisations in the private and public sectors.

Marianna Lead, PhD, MCC is the Founder and Executive Director of Goal Imagery® Institute - a provider of personal and professionaldevelopment and certification courses in life/career/executive coaching. The first expert to speak at the world-renowned Smithsonian Institution on the subjects of hypnosis and life coaching, Marianna co-designed the Competitive Advantages of Women in Leadership program at Columbia University, and has designed a number of innovative courses at New York University – including her own Goal Imagery® method – in addition to teaching their Master's Degree and Coaching Certificate Programs. She has been an Expert Life Coach for Fitness Magazine, has frequently been featured on national TV & radio, in magazines such as Fitness, Natural Health, Time Out and documentaries. Marianna’s range of clients includes large corporations, such as Ernst & Young and American Airlines, entrepreneurs, small business owners, entertainers, and nonprofit organizations, including the Society of Women Engineers and the New York Urban League.

Mr. Murli Ramchandran has more than 27 years of experience in manufacturing and services industries, including over 15 years in leadership roles, in both Indian and multinational organizations. Mr. Ramchandran is also skilled in senior management development as an accredited CEO and Executive Coach. He has held senior positions at - TVS Capital Funds Ltd as Executive Director; Sanmar Specialty Chemicals Ltd. as Managing Director; RPG Enterprises Limited as President-Business Improvement Strategy and IT; KPMG Consulting as Executive Director / Partner; Accenture as Associate Partner. Mr. Ramchandran has been on the boards of listed and unlisted entities and has an excellent track record in the areas of change management, strategy and performance improvement. A Mechanical Engineer (B.E. Hons) and Management (MMS) graduate from BITS, Pilani, he did his MS in Industrial Engineering from Columbia University, New York in the mid 80’s.

QuadraBrain® Transformation Solutions brings together a vibrant blend of experience, thinking style & qualifications and comprises of stalwarts from various walks of life. Apart from the partners and advisors mentioned above, the panel at QuadraBrain® Transformation Solutions includes:
  • Seasoned strategy consultant from a Fortune50 organization with intensive cross-sector experience
  • Ex-colonel from the Indian Armed Forces with a double masters and a diploma in senior level defence management
  • Ex-CEO of an Indian Business Group
  • Human Brain expert who has spent over 13 years researching and understanding the Human Brain with a focus on learning, memory, intelligence and human behaviour especially as applied to leadership and transformation.
  • Veteran HR leader with over 27 years of experience in leadership roles in large organizations

The human brain, the seat and origin of all behaviour, has been a subject of much study. As early as 4th Century BC Hippocrates recognized the brain to be the seat of intelligence, and the controller of the senses, emotions, and movement. He was also amongst the first to notice that different parts of the brain have different functions and the location of a wound would determine the impact of brain injury on the body.

We have learnt more about the brain with every new study, from Paul MacLean’s Triune Brain to Roger Sperry’s Nobel Prize winning Split Brain studies. But many mysteries of the human mind still remain unsolved and every new research throws up more areas to be explored and understood. It has been said that knowledge of the human mind doubles every 10 years.

Many theories have evolved around the mind such as the popular logical left brain, creative right brain myth! The most important aspect of split-brain research is not that specific areas in the brain perform specific tasks but that in undertaking most physical and mental activities, the intricate integration of both hemispheres is fundamental. Smaller communicating commissures in the brainstem (e.g., left and right superior colliculi) are not cut in split-brain operations. (Dauphin, Bridget. Understanding Brain Specialization Through Split-Brain Research) With new evidence researchers have come to see the distinction between the two hemispheres as a subtle one of processing style, with every mental faculty shared across the brain, and each side contributing in a complementary, not exclusive, fashion.(J. McCrone in The New Scientist)

While our brain is modularized, we must remember that the overall processing and outputs we use in our daily lives are the product of the interaction of these modules and their complimentary skills. Some examples could be while language may come from the left, the context would come from the right. While listening we hear both the pattern of words (left) and the intonation (right).While dealing with logic (commonly attributed to the left brain), some of the step by step functioning may come from the left brain but the larger picture and associations would come from the right.

There have been many quadrant and thinking style preference models that emerged after the split brain studies, some even claiming that thinking styles are connected to the physiological quadrants of the brain. Neuroscientists have often described this as oversimplification.

Studies on neuro-plasticity and regeneration have shown how some parts of the brain can take on the functions of others or compensate for them. Studies have shown how the physiology and size of some parts can increase due to experiences. A study by Maguire et al showed the posterior hippocampi (associated with spatial navigation) of taxi drivers in London were significantly larger relative to those of control subjects and that that hippocampal volume correlated with the amount of time spent as a taxi driver ! Maguire et al argue that this study demonstrates the plasticity of the hippocampus in response to environmental demands.

Synaptic connections (electrical connections between neurons which allow them to communicate) evolve or originate as a consequence of an individual’s experiences and continue evolving throughout the person’s life. The term Experience-Dependent Brain Development refers to the way in which unique or individual experiences contribute to brain growth and refine existing brain structures. Neuronal synapses are uniquely affected by life experiences. Differences among the brain of individuals can be attributed to each person’s habitual exercise of differing regions in the brain. (Schramm, Derek D., PhD. The Creative Brain. P 2, 7-8. CA: Institute for Natural Resources, Health Update. 2007.)

There is a lot more significant research and study of the brain that has shed light on various facets of understanding and made us realize there is a lot of uncharted territory still to be explored.

QuadraBrain® whole brain thinking is not based on a theory by any one person but is based on a comprehensive blend of hypothesis assessed by leading experts worldwide combined with concepts of behavioural and cognitive psychology.

As we learnt above, every individual and every mind is unique. Each brain’s developmental pattern is so unique that even the brains of identical twins are not exactly the same. (Restak, Richard, MD. The New Brain. P 3, 191-192. PA: Rodale, 2003.)

We believe in the constantly adapting and evolving brain where new neural networks being created every minute as we capture, interpret, remember, filter and react to the stimuli around us, allowing us to develop our capacity. QuadraBrain® whole brain thinking focuses on raising awareness of your unique brain & its strengths and helping you exercise all regions of your brain so you can boost the whole brain.

We believe thinking styles are psychological and behavioural construct and while every person develops a natural preference for one thinking style, we necessarily use all styles in some measure. We do not believe in strict compartmentalization between thinking styles and help you develop the ability to act outside your preferred style to ensure maximum effectiveness.

In addition, we help you access your unconscious mind through our specialized coaching solutions. The unconscious mind is a composite of everything one sees, hears and any information the mind collects. A study conducted by Norretranders (1998) demonstrated that the conscious mind processes 40 environmental stimuli per second while the unconscious mind processes 20,000,000 environmental stimuli per second. To quote Bruce Lipton, PhD, neurobiologist “The subconscious mind, one of the most powerful information processors known, specifically observes both the surrounding world and the body’s internal awareness, reads the environmental cues and immediately engages previously acquired (learned) behaviours—all without the help, supervision or even awareness of the conscious mind. Subconscious programming takes over the moment your conscious mind is not paying attention.”

Unconscious thoughts are not directly accessible to ordinary introspection, but are capable of being "tapped" by special techniques. We build awareness at a deeper level to help you recognize your unconscious beliefs and patterns and work with them to co-create lasting positive change.

QuadraBrain® whole brain thinking brings together exercises to help you access multiple thinking styles for creative solutions along with techniques to tap into the unlimited power of your unconscious mind. Truly whole brain thinking within which lies the genesis of creativity and intelligence!

Whole Brain Thinking & Creativity

Every human brain contains tremendous capacities for creativity, although not every person develops those capacities. You can be creative at anything including math, science, engineering, sports, running, a business, and handling relationships. You can hone creativity skills and become increasingly creative in your life and work. Creativity and intelligence are first cousins, blood relatives. When you are acting creatively you tend to be acting intelligently. In a similar way, the highest form of intelligence is thinking creatively. (Robinson, Ken, PhD. P 54-60. NY: Penguin Books, 2009.)

A study published in the peer reviewed Creativity Research Journal in 2005 by J. Meneely and M. Portillo agreed that creativity is not localized into a particular thinking style, such as a right-brain dominance resulting in more creativity. They did however find correlation between creativity in design students based on how flexible they were using all four thinking styles equally. When students were less entrenched in a specific style of thinking they measured higher creativity using Domino’s Creativity Scale (ACL-Cr).


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